Molded Grating

FRP molded gratingMolded FRP gratings are manually made, with thermoset resin and continuous fiberglass rovings interwovenly laid up in mold, layer after layer. After resin cures, gratings are then ejected from molds by pin for the following process.

This one piece molded grating features high strength, bidirectional physical properties and high chemical corrosion resistance as well with its high percentage of resin.

It provides a solution of long-lasting durability with its non-mechanical connection. More importantly, it can give you a way of cutting pipe penetration, valve access without additional supports for grating owing to its bidirectional strength and interwoven system.

FRP grating on trenchFRP grating for platformarc FRP gratings on trench
iGRID® molded FRP grating, with its light weight, can reduce cost of support system as compared with steel gratings. It is not only easy to install but easy for maintenance as well. No welding is needed but for some hold down clips when installing.

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