Pultruded Grating

FRP pultruded gratingPultruded FRP grating is specially fabricated for applications that call for high strength and large span. Since fiberglass is the key contributor to grating's strength, the content of fiberglass in grating turns out to be a major factor. iGRID® pultruded FRP grating can contain around 55% fiberglass, which can guarantee the high strength of grating.

The grating is made by pulling thermoset resin together with fiberglass through a heated mold with temperature control at different sections of the die to facilitate resin to cure.

FRP grating for passagewayFRP grating on terracePassageway on the ground
Under normal conditions, these bearing bars, after drilling holes in them, are assembled with cross bars at a spacing of 6". ( Of course, the spacing can be adjusted as per customer's requirement. )

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